Am I due a Tax Rebate?

You could be owed a tax rebate for many different reasons. HMRC often needs you to make a tax rebate claim to get back the tax you are entitled to otherwise you could miss out on the refund of tax you are owed.

Tax Rebate Services is here to provide free tax information to help you find out the type of tax rebate you are eligible for and how to make your tax rebate claim yourself.


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A tax rebate is a refund of overpaid income tax which is paid to you by the government department called HMRC.

In many circumstances HMRC expects you to claim your refund of income tax which means tax rebates are not always refunded automatically.

The tax system is set up in a way that relies on each individual to check and manage their own tax affairs to make sure tax is not overpaid.

It is important to regularly check your tax position to ensure that you are not missing out on tax rebates from the past or overpaying tax currently.

What can I be owed a Tax Refund for?

You may be owed a tax refund from HMRC for lot’s of different reasons and we cover some of the most common below. The tax office allows you to claim a tax rebate for the last four tax years so you should take this into consideration to make certain that you receive the maximum possible tax rebate.

Claim a Tax Rebate for your work related expenses

If you are an employee under PAYE you need to find out about employment expenses and other tax allowances. Employment expenses and other tax allowances exist to give you something back in certain circumstances. HMRC needs you to make a claim so they can refund the tax rebate you are eligible for.

Examples of the type of tax rebate you can claim include:

YOUR TAX CODE Guides and FAQs to check your tax code

Is your Tax Code correct?

Checking your tax code is a vital part of managing your tax position. If your tax code is wrong you could pay too much income tax and be due a tax rebate.

There are many reasons why you might not have a correct tax code. You can use our tax code guide and FAQ’s to find out more about what your tax code means and how to check it.

The tax office needs you to help them manage your tax code by telling them about changes in your circumstances.

We let you know what to do if you have to change your tax code so you only pay the tax you need to.

Income Tax and Tax Refund Calculators

Our income tax and tax refund calculators are an easy way to estimate if you have overpaid tax and how to make a claim for the tax rebate you are due.

Understanding more about tax refunds and how the tax system works can help you pay less tax in the future too.

Our calculators and guides are here to help you navigate tax in the best way so you can save time and your hard earned money.

Tax Rebate Services’ tax calculators are free to use, anonymous and never ask you to enter your personal details.

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